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Thank you for visiting! (*´ω`*)


My first animation :3

"This feeling… it feels familiar… Soft and warm… Sweet lips…"


匿名 asked: I will do that and report back when I reach waist length :-) Japan?! That's so cool! What's it like?

It’s pretty great! A lot of people who visit here during the summer say that they couldn’t live here because of the heat, but I really, really love the heat. Even though I’m inside a lot, I love the heat when I’m outside. :x 



匿名 asked: No T~T you are just drop dead gorgeous! What's your secret to amazing hair?

Wow, thank you! Σ(゜д゜;)

No secrets.. I just avoid the sun by spending all my days in front of the computer. Don’t brush wet hair, and sleep with your hair braided. My hair is kinda dry now since it’s like 34C in Japan. D:

匿名 asked: did u have a nose job?


I haven’t, so I’m not sure what you’re saying.
Should I?( ´Д`)